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Without iTravex providing the opportunity to share my condo with others, we never would have been able to afford staying so long in London, and we certainly could not have stayed in such a great neighborhood.

We look forward to our next trip to London and encourage iTravex members to accept visitors and their points, and then to share those points with others in the iTravex system. Cheers. - Andrew James Abraham


Our iTravex guests are also vacation home owners and respect our properties completely. With no waste and no worries iTravex is win-win!

We adore traveling, so when iTravex came to our attention my husband and I immediately felt this point system was a perfect way to scout around for more destinations without spending a lot of money. We gladly accepted points for what may have been unrented weeks, and turned those points into travel opportunities. Six times! - Cynthia Gillespie-Smith

We have just hosted our first iTravex guests and found it to be a great experience. Our guests were with us for 16 nights. We accepted this booking at a busy time of year for us, rather than just off-season, and have no regrets.

We love iTravex. Although our guests were from Edmonton, we look forward to using our iTravex points as we discover Costa Rica. What a great program. - Phyllis and Ian, Okanagan Casita

The first time we were approached with an offer of points, we were a bit hesitant, as we had never used or heard of iTravex points. The potential guests were patient and explained the system to us, and we thought "Why Not??" It was a last minute rental, and our condo would otherwise sit empty.

After that, we were hooked, and have hosted and used our points as a guest many times!! iTravex points are great!! and especially for low season or last minute, the points are really money in the bank for your next vacation! - Muriel and Wayne Olsen

I hope more owners will join and use iTravex to reap the benefits from vacancies, and start building their own points account so the circle of happy travelers never ceases.

I boast about iTravex over and over again to friends - it's super economical, and every minute of sending requests to hosts really makes $en$e for vacationers! (Not to mention the friendships that can be made: I am still friends with a few of my hosts!) - Christa Merrin

While iTravex has become a favorite travel tool for my own vacationing, it has also been a great tool for me to use as gift-giving and assisting friends and family with their vacation plans.

As an owner, I have also hosted iTravex guests for stays. In every case, we have exchanged information on our properties, and connected in a way that is beneficial to an expanded travel network for future stays. Also, since all iTravex guests are either owners or friends of owners, there is a very high level of respect for my property, and they are some of my favorite guests! - Linda John

I've come to look for iTravex opportunities when we feel like getting away.

I accrued iTravex points for vacant weeks at our family’s apartment in Paris and never had a problem with iTravex guests or the system. I bought points a few times to make an iTravex reservation and it was still much cheaper than paying for hotels or resorts in Maui. This system has allowed my family to take vacations that we never could have taken had we paid retail prices for lodging, and created fantastic memories for me and my daughters - Dave Lake

iTravex is a great program for both guesting and hosting.

After successfully utilizing iTravex for three vacations in two years, I highly recommend this system to all vacation home owners who have access to iTravex. I don’t understand why more members (who like to travel themselves) do not list more dates on their properties (Ready Offers) to guarantee iTravex rental inquiries. - Harvey Romanoff

We have had excellent experiences hosting guests through iTravex.

We've been iTravex hosts at least 5 times over the last 8 years, at our oceanfront lodge in Ucluelet, B.C. Every time we have received an offer we have been thrilled to accept iTravex points; dollar for point value. All of our guests have been 100% satisfied with the iTravex service...their stay with well as the value. We have met many wonderful people from all around the world, through iTravex. All our hosting experiences have been a pleasure. - Tanya Stewart

The iTravex dialogue and communication between guests and myself was super easy and efficient.

We have hosted iTravex guests for a week-long surprise birthday party. Our guests had a great time and were very happy with their stay. We are definitely open to all inquiries. We love iTravex and think it's a great concept! - Susan Dunis

My wife and I along with our 22 year old son stayed at beautiful condo iTravex ID 69885 in Whistler the nights of September 12 and 13, 2013.

We absolutely loved it & only wish we had a couple more days. What a fabulous condo with incredible views. The pictures don't do it justice. It is much nicer than we expected. It is one of the best we have ever stayed at. They have one of the best hot tubs anywhere & after a long day of traveling it was a soothing, relaxing & very enjoyable experience. We enjoyed it again after a long hike on Blackcomb Mountain the next day. The condo had all the amenities anyone could ask for. We used our iTravex points & Shirley, the owner was easy to deal with & prompt with her responses to any questions we had. The cleaning fee was even included with our points. I hope we can come back & stay here again very soon. - Richard Stamp

We are quite new to iTravex, and wanted to share our story.

Shortly after joining, we were contacted about a last minute weekend stay at our condo. It worked out perfectly because otherwise it would have gone empty, and since the guest paid the cleaning fee, there was no cost to us. We earned iTravex points and we look forward to the next fellow iTravex members coming to our mountain condo at Silver Star Mountain---which is ideal for early cross-country skiing in November! - Diana Young

We are High-Participation members and love hosting.

We feel fortunate to be able to welcome other owners to our Maui vacation home and in turn, try someone else's vacation home. Without iTravex, we would not be able to vacation in the fashion that we do. - Jackie Walker

Great owners, great travel site!!!

We just returned from a trip to Kissimmee, Fl and stayed at a beautiful iTravex townhome. Greatly enjoyed the area for two weeks and we couldn't have stayed in a better place! This property is really nice-- comfortable, clean and private. many things to do within the complex too. (thank you Wes!) We loved it! I took my family, rented a car, we visited many parks and the beaches in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. I'm active user of this site! Thank you iTravex. - Maria Huber

I love to host my vacation home during the off peak times.

I would rather have someone stay in my home than have it vacant and have found people take great care of of my home. And of course I love the benefit of getting points for us to use on our trips! Plus I enjoy people enjoying my home! Fripp is such a wonderful place, I like people to come and stay and explore and hear their wonderful comments on the area! - Debbie Braham

We have used iTravex as a host as well as being a guest.

We love it! We have enjoyed a beautiful renovated Tuscan apartment, great property in Mendocino, Ca and just returned from a great little trip to Pacific Grove, Ca. Our next trip is to connect with our family who will be vacationing in New Smyrna Beach, Fl the end of September - all using iTravex points. We have had great success with hosting guests using iTravex points. We have found that since they, too, are vacation rental owners they are very respectful and considerate in taking care of our condo - Deborah & Tom Tucker

We love it!

iTravex is awesome and a great way for vacation homeowners to exchange using points system instead of direct exchanges. The homeowners who have hosted us have been just exceptionally nice. Having other vacation homeowners staying in our home gives us confidence that it will be well taken care of. - Lan Nguyen

The iTravex point system is such a great way to travel.

We just arrived back from a wonderful time at Mont Tremblant using our iTravex points. We skied until our legs screamed to stop. We see such great value through this point system due to the way the iTravex team has constructed the booking program. It is so easy to use and they are there every step of the way to help. Thank iTravex! - Craig Bissett

Our 5 night stay totaled $118.00! WOW!

We just returned from being a guest for the first time using iTravex. It was wonderful. We stayed in a gorgeous bungalow in Fort Lauderdale, set in an incredible tropical garden, with our own pool and Jacuzzi. Our 5 night stay totaled $118.00!! WOW. Now I am ready for people to come stay in my homes listed on iTravex so I can earn more points and travel some more! Thank you for a great idea and service. - Debra Jo Bright

Great network, great service!

I've saved lots of money this past year, and have referred many people to as well (which is a good thing for everyone). I may very well be a top user for the month of February.... let's see! - Jim & Cheryl J. Levante

I am totally hooked on iTravex!

I now have three properties reserved for trips this spring! All of the owners I have connected with have been so kind and helpful - I can't wait to travel! I'll be going to Hawaii, Utah and Puget Sound!! HOW FUN!!!!

I am totally hooked on iTravex!! And the people I hosted last year were awesome too! What a special opportunity we all have being a part of this service! Happy Travels! - Mary Sadowski

Can't wait to do this again!

We have just returned from a fabulous 5 night stay in Hawaii. iTravex is the best. How else could we have stayed in a beautiful beach front condo for a total of only $84. The reservation process was very easy with iTravex figuring out all of the details. Can't wait to do this again.

We are "Happy to Host" to collect points for future travel. - Karen Anderson

I love the idea of being able to use points!

This is a great service to find other people willing to exchange and then being able to use your points anywhere and anytime.

We've done a lot of one-on-one exchanging for our ski condo in Colorado over the years, but this makes it a lot easier since you already have names of people willing to exchange. I love the idea of being able to use points anywhere I choose to go instead of having to exchange directly with someone. And we're all rental property owners, so we know how we want our property treated and will be respectful of other's vacation homes.

Wish I would have thought of the idea! - Janis Schnabel

Bravo to whomever developed this system!

Once people catch on they will understand the incredible value iTravex has to offer. I tried swapping on my own but it was hard to find people in Hawaii (for instance) who were interested in staying at my place in the mountains. It's more for skiers and if you don't ski, the interest wasn't there.

Your point system is brilliant because you can stay wherever you want even if that owner isn't interested in your place. Bravo to whom ever developed this system. - Tammi Loveland

$5,000/week villa on the waterfront in San Pancho and it cost us almost nothing!

iTravex isn't trading our home for your home, needing to make the exact dates, etc.. but it is a 'pool' of VRBO (& Owner Direct) properties all over the world. 

As vacation property owners it's great that we can offer an inexpensive way to share our off season time amongst ourselves. We get 'points' in the point pool by 'hosting' or allowing time for someone else on a off-season or cuff time. That way we don't necessarily have to lose hard cash.  If we have some down time it makes sense, if one likes to travel, to gather points by 'hosting' (or even can buy them for $l.20 a point during promotional times).

If you check where you could use these points you might be pleasantly surprised.  If you needed to supplement and buy a few points more - it's very inexpensive. We were able to get a $5,000/week villa on the waterfront in San Pancho (north of Sayulita) and it cost us almost nothing.  We just get to take advantage of our down-times.  We've met some nice people this way. - Mike & Sharon Satterlee

iTravex is the best invention since e-Bay!

It is destined to turn RCI into a dinosaur. I have used it and am absolutely amazed at how effectively it works.

This system works the way RCI was supposed to for vacation exchanges. So yes you can really travel to those great places for exchange of points. The first time I used it I was skeptical, but very optimistic. When I stepped into the 4,000 square foot vacation home in the Florida Keys, I became a believer.

The other thing I like is their support center. They are real people with real personalities that are very helpful. - Conston Taylor

We're sure going to be doing more of these trades in the future. iTravex is a such a great idea!

We just returned from a stay on Mission Beach in San Diego and wanted to tell you how great it was!  The house was right on the beach and had everything we needed for a great time!  The owners even provided all of the beach toys, beach chairs, boogie boards, & bicycles that we could use.

We borrowed points so now we hope there are other iTravex members who would like to vacation in the Colorado Mountains.  It's a great way to beat the heat and humidity!  We're right on the first tee of the Copper Mountain Resort golf course, too! - Rich & Kathy Hakkarinen

It really makes traveling to new locations and experiencing new cultures an affordable possibility!

My husband and I love to travel so when I heard about the exchange program (actually while we were visiting St. Maarten) I was really excited.  Ted took five weeks vacation this year so I've been using iTravex to help plan the trips.

It really makes traveling to new locations and experiencing new cultures an affordable possibility.  I've found the glitches have been resolved and the system is so easy to use.  And, if any problems come up the support tech staff are right on it to get it solved.  They've been fantastic.

I couldn't be more satisfied with the system. - Gretchen & Ted Paruch

What a great program!!

Last January we went to St Thomas for 10 days and stayed about 500 yards to the beach and just a few steps to the pool in a great 1 bedroom condo that had a beautiful view of St Johns and the BVI...the condo was supplied with snorkel equipment and we snorkeled just about every day. With the savings, using our points, we were able to pay to rent a car while there...thank you to the families that used points to stay at my home on Fripp Island, so I could use those points to stay in St Thomas! What a great program! - Debbie Braham

This is incredible - you're definitely going the extra mile for us, I definitely appreciate it!

Our experience was seamless and very satisfying. We would definitely repeat the process in the future!

I'd be glad to be one of the owners to give a testimonial for you &/or be willing to talk to any other owners who are cautiously seeking more info & prefer to talk to another owner. - Arch & Kathy Bradsher

Prompt attention!

It was great to get such prompt attention!

Thank you for your assistance. I am now up and running. - Margaret

Our 5 night stay cost a little over $100.00!

My husband and I love to travel and iTravex has provided a fun and inexpensive way to travel even more.  So far we have stayed in a luxury high-rise apartment in Seattle.  From our 22 floor living room we had stunning views of Puget Sound and it was only a short walk to the incredible Pike Place Market.  We had so much fun. The reservation process was easy.  Our 5 night stay cost a little over $100.00.

We are currently excited about our latest iTravex reservation as we will be staying in Nice, France.  The owners had never used iTravex themselves, but were excited to hear how well it had worked for us.  We will be staying in their lovely apartment in the heart of the French Riviera for 6 nights in October.  Even though we had to buy iTravex points, the cost is only $225.00.  I hope these owners will find a wonderful place to spend their iTravex points, too.  All you have to do is decide when and where you want to go. - Kathy & Rob Armbruster

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