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NEW! Hosts can request a combination of cash and points from their prospective guest for their otherwise empty nights!

A flexible vacation home program - for members, their families and friends
In contrast to reciprocal home exchange programs, iTravex gives you the choice of thousands of registered properties in locations worldwide. Using the points you earn by renting out your vacation home to other iTravex members, you can stay at any of these vacation homes for a reservation fee of just 10 % of the negotiated rent.

There are no other iTravex fees - no setup fee, no annual fee, no membership fee.

If you share the ownership of your vacation home, your "Points" link makes it easy for you to track earned or used points.

An example of how it works when requesting an all points reservation

  • Gail Guest (vacation home owner in New York) rented out her vacation home for 3,000 points to another iTravex member.
  • Gail Guest spends her 3,000 earned points (an equivalent value of $3,000 USD) to stay in Ozzie Owner's Whistler ski chalet.
  • Gail Guest pays iTravex the 10% reservation fee ($300 USD) and her 3,000 points are transferred to the host, Ozzie Owner.
  • When Ozzie Owner decides to book his vacation home in Hawaii, he will use some or all of his earned points.
  • Ozzie Owner's host in Hawaii then gets iTravex points for his future travels, and so on...

What is an iTravex point?

These points convert your last minute or off-season vacant nights into funds for you to spend on your personal travel. You can also use these points for friends, family and business associates.

Start today as a guest or host!
You decide whether to host first ...or travel right away as a guest by purchasing points and hosting later. There are numerous ways to improve the exposure of your vacation home on iTravex such as "Offers" and Last Minute Deals - and with better exposure the number of inquiries increases.

And if any family members or friends are traveling soon, they can enjoy the same savings when you book their stay for them.

iTravex lets you create even more value from your vacation home. Consider joining us now!

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