Thousands of properties worldwide!
Earn points and cash for you otherwise vacant nights
Choose from thousands of properties worldwide
Spend your points anytime and anywhere; no direct trading required
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iTravex: The travel club for vacation home owners

New! Hosts can now ask for a mix of POINTS and CASH for hosting iTravex stays!
       Allowable ranges for the mix are 0 - 30% in cash and 100% - 70% in points.

Earn and Spend Points

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A flexible vacation home program for members, their families and friends

In contrast to reciprocal home exchange programs, iTravex gives you the choice of thousands of properties worldwide. Using points earned as a host, stay in another member's vacation home for as little as the 10% booking fee.

An example of how it works

  • Gail Guest (vacation home owner in New York) rented out her vacation home for 3,000 points to another iTravex member.
  • Gail Guest spends her 3,000 earned points (an equivalent value of $3,000 USD) to stay in Ozzie Owner's Whistler ski chalet.
  • Gail Guest pays iTravex the 10% booking fee ($300 USD) and her 3,000 points are transferred to the host, Ozzie Owner.
  • When Ozzie Owner decides to book his vacation home in Hawaii, he will use some or all of his earned points.
  • Ozzie Owner's host in Hawaii then gets iTravex points for his future travels, and so on ...

Family, friends, employees & associates

You can share your points with anyone.

What are iTravex points?

iTravex points convert your vacation home's vacant nights into funds for you to spend on your personal travel.

Spending earned points can save you up to 90% (before any host fees such as cleaning) when you book an iTravex property.

iTravex: Your ticket to a superior lifestyle!

Our retirement travel would be limited without the 10% deals.

My wife and I are retired. We have owned our vacation home for a long time, although we seem to use it less than in the past. We don't want to sell because we look forward to spending time with our children and grandchildren.

iTravex has been the perfect solution for us. We still rent our vacation home for regular income and continue to use it ourselves at times. However, instead of having vacant nights, we are now renting to iTravex members to earn enough points and a little cash to travel extensively for a cost as low as 10% of the regular rental value.

iTravex has provided us with a lifestyle that we could not have afforded otherwise.

View this short, humorous video explaining the benefits of iTravex.